Awareness Adventure – I am. I decide. I act

Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing, it’s about DOING, BEING and BECOMING. (Mike Dooley)

Whatever your life story may be right now, which burdens or limits, block or hinder you, you can always take new decision and act accordingly. Life is an adventure and a hero's journey.

Awareness means to consciously and mindfully choose the adventure of self-encounter in order to become and be the person I really am.

To have the courage and willingness to question my thoughts, feelings, and actions again and again, and if necessary, to change them.

Therein lies my being whole. To be worthy of myself and of life. To face all challenges in a life-affirming way – with and for each other, towards myself and others. To go through the many valleys of life: conflicts, dark moments, states of exhaustion, illnesses, life crises, bullying, losses, etc. Everything is to be seen and used as an opportunity for self and personality development.

What if I learn to face the numerous challenges of life constructively and with inner serenity?

What would happen if I lived in my freedom? Inner freedom as a state of being. Because then I am in my full power.