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EVERYTHING is communication - communication is EVERYTHING

The connection between communication, consciousness, and health

“You go ahead ...”, said the soul to the body, “he/she won't listen to me, maybe he/she will listen to you.” “I will get sick, then he/she will have time for you,” said the body to the soul. (Ulrich Schaffer)

The prerequisite for a successful communication in professional and private life is that we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and their underlying patterns and influences. Only when our body language is in harmony with what is said, we are authentic and meet our conversation partner on a deeper level, where we are truly understood.

What are the prerequisites for a successful communication in private and professional life? These questions have been the subject of my practical work for many years. The techniques I have developed open up spaces from which you perceive yourself from a different, innermost perspective. As a result, you will communicate authentically and convincingly. In the company as well as in your private life.

Communication is much more complex than we realise:
90% of our communication is non-verbal. Because our body language is the actual expression of all the information that is stored in our system. These unconscious patterns are often the cause of supposedly inexplicable health complaints.

Buddha already recognised that our thoughts shape and direct the body. At the same time, we are a unity of soul, mind, and body. We are authentic when these three elements are in balance. This balance is upset early during our education as well as by role models and key experiences that we often cannot remember later. Due to these influences, we take decisions – mostly without realising it – already in our childhood, which we store in our subconsciousness. From then on, they influence us and express themselves in our facial expressions, gestures, posture, and charisma, which can only be consciously, rationally controlled for a short time.

During our lives, these discrepancies can often lead to supposedly inexplicable physical complaints, such as restrictions in our own creativity, exhaustion, burnout, psychosomatic illnesses and even pain symptoms, etc.

The way to a sustainable positive influence on our health and communication is to recognise our unconscious behaviour patterns and strategies.

If we can understand and feel ourselves, we will be able to act in a relaxed, authentic, and autonomous way and to communicate unambiguously. Only then can we also understand, guide, and convince others.

In my many years of work, I have developed various techniques that help us to uncover unconscious patterns and strategies and their effects in one-on-one sessions. Through active pathways, new spaces and possibilities are opened up. This leads to profound positive changes, authenticity, autonomy, and competence to act. In the long term, both your communication and your health will be positively influenced.

The techniques I have developed pave this way for you.